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Students Paying Students

This program is designed to empower music students by helping them publish and sell the work they've created.

I'm on a search for students of all skill levels who have interested in creating music of their own.  I can help you or your child with the composition process, turning those compositions into sheet music, and finally publishing and selling your pieces.

This site also provides a place where students can buy and sell their compositions to one another. Not interested in composing your own music but would still like to support the program? Take a look at the Student Spotlights below to find delightful pieces of music you can add to your own music library.



Q: Who counts as a student?

A: Do you sing or play an instrument? You count as a student! You don't have to be currently taking formal lessons, you could even be self-taught. This service is meant to help musicians who are starting their journies into composition and are considered non-professional. (Non-professional meaning you haven't scored a deal with a major recording label.) 

Q: Is there an age limit? Is this just meant for kids?

A: No age limit! I've helped composers as young as 5 years old. If you have a dream of becoming a composer it doesn't matter how old you are. Adults and kids are all welcome.

Q: You said you can help me with my compositions, how does that work?

A: You can sign up for one-on-one lessons. You can sign up for a one-time session or ongoing lessons. Lessons are $15 per half-hour lesson or $25 for hour lessons. During these lessons, I can teach you about the creative process, basic composition principles, and help you fine-tune the compositions you are already working on.

Q: Turn my composition into sheet music? What does that look like?

A: It's simple! Visit my page on music transcription and fill out the form. Send me a recording of your song and I will return the completed sheet music files to you. The fee depends on the length and complexity of the song as well as publication negotiations. For a ballpark estimate, an example negotiation price could look like this: $30 per minute of music + 10% of sales.

Q: Do I have to sell my music through the program?

A: Of course not. You own the Copywrite to any piece of music you write, you are free to sell (or not sell) your through any avenue you choose.


Q: Why choose the Students Paying Students Program?

 A: This program is designed to help students work together to help each other gain exposure and sell their work. Participants in the program are encouraged to explore and purchase each other's work. Obtaining music to learn is an integral part of growing as a musician -- why not support other musicians just like you!


Q: What is the Student Spotlight?

A:  A dedicated page for each member participating in the Students Paying Students program. Specifically, members who have music published on the site. Each page contains a picture of the participant, their biography, samples of their music, links to purchase their music, and links to their personal websites (if applicable).

Q: Are there any subscription fees, sign-up fees, or hidden fees?

A: No way! You only pay for individual services and a percentage of anything you sell with me. I try to mitigate your financial risk as much as I can. I want you to be successful! The world needs you and your music, and my job is to help you on your way.

Student Spotlights

Student Spolight
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